Pre-Semester Boot Camps

Our two-day pre-semester boot camps happen every late-August and mid-January on the Morningside campus, to provide introductory methodological training in common and emerging computational technologies such as Python, R, Matlab, GAP, and Julia, among others. Students will learn programming, plotting, and version control techniques, with hands-on instructor support with utilizing these techniques for their specific research projects.

Curriculum Examples

About The Carpentries

Boot Camp curricula are developed, certified, and continuously maintained through Columbia's institutional license with The Carpentries, a diverse, global community of volunteer Instructors, helpers, Trainers, Maintainers, champions, member organisations, supporters, and staff who teach foundational coding and data science skills to worldwide researchers. More information can be found regarding Software Carpentries curricula and Data Carpentries curricula.

To learn more about Columbia's institutional license with The Carpentries please contact [email protected].