Monthly Workshops

Monthly Workshops will eventually train graduate students in how to integrate data science tools and techniques into specific disciplinary research projects, with topics including ecology, economics, english, astronomy, genetics, and others.



Is computer processing time holding back your work? Are your projects running into the limits of your machine’s capacities? High-Performance Computing (HPC) - sometimes called supercomputing - delivers more efficiency and accuracy than your typical workstation by aggregating computing power, allowing you to run more complex experiments and solve larger problems. Drop by to learn more. Staff from Research Computing Services are on call to help with projects, general questions, or just to get started!

3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
First Monday of every month (beginning October 1st, 2018)
Science & Engineering Library
Northwest Corner Building (550 West 120th Street)

Overview of the Linux operating system focused on introducing the command line environment and a number of basic Linux commands. This is the first part in a series of workshops about using High Performance Computing to enhance your research.

Come learn the basics of shell script programming in the Linux operating system as a prelude to learning how to use the High Performance Computing (HPC) resources at Columbia. This is the second in a series of workshops about using HPC to enhance your research.

Research Computing Services staff present a hands-on session on how to use High Performance Computing (HPC) on Columbia's Terremoto and Habanero clusters.